Monday, December 8, 2008

They came to Jos; they served the people; and they got slaughtered.

I have often tried to reconstruct the scene in my mind: three corp members on their knees and scared out of their wits; fifty or more ferociously armed guys dancing round them and chanting, "Allah Akhbar." Minutes later, one of the corp members gets his throat slit while the other two are hacked to death with axes.

Or the the man who was thrown to the very depths of helplessness as he stared horror in the face: the savages dancing round his house after setting it on fire, with him, his wife and three kids inside and no route of escape.

The Jos carnage exposes the bestiality in man.

An estimated 300 people dead and more than 500 still missing. This horror is supposed to have emanated from clashes between supporters of the various candidates in the just concluded local government elections. I hold a different opinion. The Jos massacre does not look like a spontaneous action, it smacks of premedication. It is not even a religious issue, as has widely been canvassed. I think the bloodbath at Jos is an ethnic issue. How did the rampaging youths identify the religious inclinations of their victims before they struck? Did they verify that the corp members were not muslims before butchering them? How did they know there were no muslims inside the house before setting it on fire?

Those three corp members did not go to Jos to for business, neither did they go for pleasure. They got posted to Jos for the mandatory one year National Youth Service; a scheme that was primarily established for purposes of strenghtening relationships between the various ethnic groups within the country. They went to Jos; they served the the people; and they got slaughtered. How will their parents and relations feel tomorrow, when someone else from the family gets a call up letter from the NYSC?

I shudder when I imagine that the earlier mentioned scene, or a similar one, will be recreated live again and again.


Stani said...

a very terrible happening indeed and something which the federal government seems reluctant to handle or redress. sometimes issues like this makes me wonder if the Koran or Islam really is from God! The adherents never waste anytime to slaughter while shouting Allahu Akbar. I wonder if God is so powerfull(I believe He is!), why does man insist on fighting on His behalf? Perhaps God does not want us to serve Him in this bestial manner, rather serve in peace and love!

lupo said...

I despair at the depth of bestiality that some of our misinformed muslim brothers have sunk. In this ever shrinking digitalized world, it is really disgusting to be reporting such cases from Nigeria. You're right Stani, God/Allah is one of peace and love.